This blog was created for my love of painting my nails!

My interest started when I was little with a book that I received from my mom called “Klutz Nail Art” by Sherri Haab.  This book made me enjoy painting my nails and gave me lots of practice.  The nail art I enjoyed the most in this book was the black nails with a white french tip.  That page inspired me the most and was my favorite design to do over and over.  When I was little I thought it was crazy to paint white over black…hahahaha!  The book has since been updated with new polishes and a new cover and is still sold at bookstores everywhere.  It goes to show how popular it has been over the years and how many others it has inspired!

My next big inspiration for painting my nails was cutepolish on YouTube.  Her videos took me back to the basics of nail art.  It reminded me of how much I enjoyed doing nail art, so I started trying out lots of her designs.  That then sparked my interest into just looking for pictures or other videos for different manicures each week, which then led to me to trying to create my own designs!

Everyone is always interested in what my nails look like, so I decided to start my blog!  So here it goes….