Matte Pink Shimmer

Matte Pink Shimmer

The matte really makes the pink shimmer and glitter stars look sharp on this mani. Also, I think I have discovered my favorite polish turned matte – My Vampire Is Buff. It looks so amazing. It reminds me of fluffy barely toasted marshmallows… or melted white chocolate… well, it just looks so yummy!

Matte Pink Shimmer 2

To get the stars out of the bottle of She’s Lily Something I had to fish them all out. I find that all polishes with big chunky glitter like that barely ever will go on naturally with the brush. I always end up having to fish them out and placing them on my nail.

Matte Pink Shimmer 3

Polish used:
OPI – Matte Nail Envy
OPI – My Vampire Is Buff
Nicole by OPI – She’s Lily Something
Essie – Matte About You
four big round pink studs

Matte Pink Shimmer 4

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