Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls (Part 1)

Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls Part 1 1

Glam My Mani nail vinyls are an easy way to create some awesome nails. I must admit I was a little skeptical before trying them because I thought it would be similar to tape. I was proven wrong! These nail vinyls are awesome and so easy to use!

Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls

You just pull them up, place on your nail, paint as desired and lastly, pull them up to reveal an awesome design.

Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls 2

I found that these nail vinyls create a way more crisp line than tape does and is so much easier to use. Tape can sometimes get stuck and not want to come up when it is time to peel it off of the nail; or the reverse can happen, where it does not want to stick at all. These nail vinyls are the perfect amount of “stick” that you need without ruining your in-the-process mani. However, one of the greatest parts about these is that you can make other designs such as a swirl that would wouldn’t ever be able to make with tape.

Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls Part 1 2

For my first run on these I decided to keep it very simple to focus on how the nail vinyl was itself. I went with a simple, classic black and hot pink lightning bolt. I used the Glam My Mani nail vinyls in the lightning bolt nail vinyl. I wanted all of the lightning bolts to look the same so I chose a placement on my nail that I liked best. It was extremely easy to place the rest of the nail vinyls on my nails since they easily pulled up and nicely went on without hassle.

Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls Part 1 3

If you would like to try these for yourself you can purchase them from Nail Polish Canada at by clicking here or the link below:

Have you tried nail vinyls? What do you think about them? You know my thoughts now, so tell me yours!

Stay tuned for Part 2 for more nail art ideas with Glam My Mani nail vinyls…

Polish used:
OPI – Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
China Glaze – Love’s A Beach
piCture pOlish – darcy
Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
Glam My Mani – lightning bolt nail vinyls

This product was sent to me for review from Nail Polish Canada.
All opinions are my own.

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