Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Moon Prism Power! I dressed up my nails this year for Fan Expo in Toronto a couple of weekends ago.

Sailor Moon 2

Sailor Moon 3

Sailor Moon 4

Each nail represents a Sailor Scout with their color and planet symbol. I put Sailor Moon, represented by a golden moon and Tuxedo Mask, represented by a red rose on my thumbs.

Sailor Moon 5
It took me quite a while to plan this out because I wanted to get each color right. I had to look through and test so many of my polishes, but it was a lot of fun! This took me about three hours to do, in total, with the planning.

Sailor Moon 6

Polish used:
OPI – Matte Nail Envy
OPI – Happy Anniversary!
China Glaze – Splish Splash
China Glaze – Red Pearl
Nfu Oh – JS34
Nfu Oh – JS22
piCture pOlish – darcy
China Glaze – Grape Juice
OPI – Russian Navy
Nfu Oh – JS33
OPI – OPI Ink.
Art Club – Gold Glitter Stripper
A England – Perceval
Joe Fresh Style – Mallard
Kiss Nail Art Paint – Black
Kiss Nail Art Paint – White
China Glaze – Fairy Dust
Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

Tools used:
dotting tool

Sailor Moon 7

Sailor Moon 8




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