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Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls (Part 1)

Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls Part 1 1

Glam My Mani nail vinyls are an easy way to create some awesome nails. I must admit I was a little skeptical before trying them because I thought it would be similar to tape. I was proven wrong! These nail vinyls are awesome and so easy to use!

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China Glaze – Real Nail Polish Appliques: Cherry Blossoms

China Glaze - Real Nail Polish Appliques - Cherry Blossom

I picked these up in a discount bin at Sally Beauty Supply and figured I would try them out since I have been dying to try any kind of nail appliques. To my surprise, it was a pretty bad first impression. I am actually not sure if I want to try any more nail appliques in the future. My biggest problem: They take way too long to apply. I should have just painted my nails because it would have been faster. It really defeated my purpose for applying them in the first place!

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