A England – Avalon

A England Avalon

Today I have my second A England polish to share with you… Avalon! What a beautiful purple.

A England - Avalon

It was very hard to capture the true color of this polish so I have lots of pictures. It can look like a warm or cool purple depending on the lighting. This is because there is both red and blue shimmer in the polish. Whichever color the polish is looking at the moment, it is a deep intense purple. This is officially now my favorite purple polish. (Prior to this it was Nicole by OPI – Give Me A Spring Break.)

A England - Avalon 2

The polish was easy to apply, especially since the brushes on A England polishes are smaller, which gives you more precision. You defiantly need two coats of this polish to get the full intensity of the color. Also, the polish is very shinny on its own, but I recommend sealing it in with a top coat of your choice. Photos are shown with two coats of polish.

A England  - Avalon 3

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