Nfu Oh 51

Nfu Oh Top

This is by far the most unique bottle of nail polish I have ever seen!  The bottle is a dress and the top of it is a heart.  Nfu Oh have the most amazing bottles.  The polish is also beautiful!  I have so many pictures, not only to show you all of the detail on the bottle, but to show the color of this polish – Nfu Oh 51 (Flakie).  I can’t even show you really how it looks in the pictures.  You really have to see the polish in person!  Anyways, I tried to get the polish in different light just so you can somewhat see it.  It’s crazy that some of the pictures don’t even seem like I am wearing the same polish…but I am!!  The pictures are two coats with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  Enjoy!

Nfu Oh 51

Nfu Oh 51 Back

Nfu Oh 51 Front

Nfu Oh 51 Other Light

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